Creed III trailer - Coming next year

This looks really good…I think it is a good move to omit Rocky from this 3rd instalment of the franchise. Looking forward to it.

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Fuu, so muscular now :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

Some reports suggested earlier that DC was contemplating a “Black superman” with Michael B Jordon, but that was scrapped

So we will now have Man of Steel 2 with Henry cavil reprising his role as superman and with The Rock highly influential in making that happen. Black Adam vs superman looks like happening soon ! Hahaha

Yes…not a surprise since the agent for BOTH The Rock and Henry Cavill is one and the same. Of course, it can be arranged but rumours has it that The Rock wanted the Black Adams first movie to the silver screen to focus solely on him (which makes perfect sense) and that is why Henry’s Superman can only do a post credit cameo in the upcoming Black Adam to be released this week.

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Ya !! He came on in the mid-credit scene! Cool ! It’s happening !!

The rock goes, no one in this planet can stop me… you can try…

Then the lady replied, well, he is not from this planet… :rofl: