Coming the yr'24... fights between TV OSes sparks to draw attentions from buyers!

when we talk about TV OS, the first thing that comes to most consumers’ mind will be either Android or Google, as well as basic Linux based SMART TV OSes where different makers will have their own little customization.

besides the above mentioned, some will have impressions of webOS, ROKU, FireTV, TIZEN as well as VIDAA… the latter 2 that had been pushed hard by Samsung and HiSense.

2024 we may see some non-mainstream OS gaining a firmer stand in the market.

to gamers, the TV they buy may turn into a personal gaming device, thanks to cloud gaming. HiSense together with their “bought over” brand TOSHIBA, will have door access through their VIDAA OS to Utomik cloud gaming service… which had been present in webOS and TIZEN platform.

after gaining wider exposure thru non-LG branded TVs in global markets, LG had made webOS now available to non-LG brand computer monitors for integration, expanding exposures to wider group of users.

when we talk about Roku, the first immediate thought that comes to mind will be, “Roku is limited to American continent!” well… to be frank, Roku had stepped out of the American continent and had set their foot in Europe, and as close as they can be to SG, Roku had stepped into Australia, thru TCL and domestic OEM Kogan.

to gain more interests towards the Roku OS, recently in U.S. market, a 55" OLED TV made by SHARP, comes packed with Roku OS.

so… what can we see from the links above that would relate to local market sales? i’ve no idea on fellow members, but i see…

Roku will not have a firm stand on home ground unless we see high-end products that carry Roku OS sold in SG within the next 3yrs. undeniably, majority of the local consumers have “sheep herding mentality”.

webOS may be see as “commonly available” thru LG products even with their high-end models, other OEMs in the market such as AiWa and Harson and upcoming local brand INFINITYPRO, would likely to be looked upon as cheap options with low performance hardware.

this will be where VIDAA will gain a firmer stand when a gaming-buyer need not to fork out a substantial budget to get a TV/Display with cloud gaming capable hardware, while those gaming capable ones will cost probably 1.5x or more then Hisense.

Fire-OS scores the first point…

…with Panasonic!

while Google/Android and webOS plays the role of observers, watching other OSes compete among themselves.

Samsung’s TIZEN OS gets a boost from Premium Marque!