Coming 2 America Movie

Just caught this title on Amazon Prime Video. Not sure if it’s on Singapore Prime Video, but for those who watched the original 1988 movie, its a must watch. Eddie Murphy is now King :grinning: and its just quite funny, especially if you saw the first one when he was just a young kid prince.

I watched it on a Firestick 4K and the HDR presentation has fantastic colors with wonderful bass from African drums. If you have a Panasonic or Samsung TV, it is in HDR10+ which is a form of Dolby Vision. Just beatiful…

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Thanks…will watch it later.

It was trashed by IMDB viewers so I m gonna give this a miss…too bad!

Why you take the negative reviews by strangers in IMDB when Sammy here just said it’s good? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha…in case you didn’t realize, uncle Francis has his own views when coming to what content to watch. If he finds review is bad or the story plot sounds cheesy, he will just skip it. But I do agree, never trust IMDB review, instead watch the movie(s) on its own merits and decide for yourself whether it is good or bad.

I saw lotsa negative reviews online too on this one… so wasn’t really keen after seeing the negative reviews and comments…

Sometimes the reviews tend to sway our decision to a certain extent.

We have so much content but so little time. If we wanna watch something, it had better be worth the time

But if Sammy has mentioned it’s good, maybe worth checking it out

Talking about comedy movies, was also sad to know this Hk actor Ng Man Tar just passed away recently. I really enjoyed all his comedy movies back then, Silly, but sometimes it’s just funny and makes my day . It doesn’t necessarily have to make any sense, but just able to laugh it out loud is enough …

Personally, I find the IMDB ratings are very reliable and very often I can attest their candid reviews to be in align to what I want to watch…of course, your YMMV😇

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Haha. Didn’t know IMDB reviews were bad. It’s a pretty cheesy movie, but maybe I like that :rofl: Anyway, the watching advice is mainly for those who enjoyed the 1988 movie as it means something to them to see what Eddie Murphy has become. Plus I really liked the colorful PQ in HDR10+ Watched part of it on the OLED and then switched to PJ. Definitely not a movie for serious people. A rom com that is a bit like Crazy Rich Asians.

So Uncle Francis is probably right for most people. His food reviews always spot on.

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Managed to watch it yesterday evening and I have to say the story arc is the same. Finding true love and family ties are the key themes. For those who have watched the first Coming to America, this should fit right in. This could be charm and it’s curse. Charm for nostalgia (don’t change the formula since the first worked) and curse is the “same old same old”. I can see why many don’t like it. For me, it’s definitely a charm more than a curse. But pls no more Coming to America 3 or 4. This should be the last.

Recommended for those who have watched the first Coming to America, otherwise one may find Coming 2 America too formulaic and some of the jokes fall flat in today’s comedy standards.

Still I’m entertained.

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