Come across a site that lets buyer do comparison of one AVR to another or multiple choices! HAVE FUN!

for the moment, not all models sold in the market may be listed, such as Onkyo RZ70 or other newer models. but models released in 2022 or some older makes, u may have not much problem looking for those…

you can:
-search for review on the specs just on one model, or,
-pick a fight against another, or,
-have a comparison of multiple selections!!!

for example… i’ve picked brudder CASH’s X3800H to compare against other competitors in the same price range!

from the search results, u can see that the competition is…“tough”!


This is just a comparison based on a given set of features amongst various brands and models. There are other sites featuring featuring the same concept - eg. mobile handset comparison across different brands and models too. Nevertheless it’s a good resource for comparing different AVR/Amp. Thanks for sharing.