CODA CX Mono blocks High Current Amplifier Owners - FYA

Dear CODA CX monoblock owners, I thought of sharing some great idea to make your CODA CX Monoblocks to sound like one of the best you will ever hear or have heard in the Audio industry and I have done some fine tuning on my set up and would like to share with you all. If there is any CODA owners and not satisfied with the amp, please let me know. I will share my implementation details by next week!

Rated Power: 450W into 8 Ohm Load
900W into 4 Ohm Load
1 Ohm Load Stable
Class A operation to 50W
Bandwidth: 5 Hz to 100 kHz
Distortion .03% from 10Hz to 20kHz
driven into 4 to 8 ohm loads
Amplier Gain: 26db
Current: >150 Amperes peak
Noise: > -100 dBA referenced to 1 Volt output
Slew Rate: >50 Volts per microsecond
Damping Factor: >250
Impedance: 50k Ohms unbalanced
1k Ohms balanced
Power Supply: 3.0 kVA toriodal transformer, high speed
rectiers and 80,000uf capacitance.
Dimensions: 17" W x 14" D x 5.5" H
Weight: 65 lbs .
Warrantee: 10 years
• State of the art high current monoblock amplifier in an
elegant hand-craed chassis
• Fully balanced design utilizing a discrete FET differential
input, VMOSFET voltage gain stage stage DC coupled to
a non-bridged ultra wideband bipolar output stage
• Coda’s “Precision Bias” technique yields a seamless
transition from Class A operation regardless of the
complexity of the load impedance.
• Very high linear damping
• AC-coupled unbalanced input and true DC-coupled
balanced input
• Gold plated FR-4 glass epoxy printed circuit boards
• Wideband, fully-regulated power supply with EMI and RFI
line ltering and low impedance lter capacitor array
• Left and right channel status indicators
• WBT Topline Binding Posts and RCA Connectors
• Silver/Copper based Lead Free solder exclusively
• Carefully selected and evaluated audiophile grade parts,
rigorously tested using both objective & subjective
• Enhanced styling with graphite anodize & stainless steel
accents to match Coda 05X, 06X and CLX preampliers.

I would also love to share my experience on how I was able to change the overall SABRE 9026 Pro tonality to more Tuby sound signature for my Stereo Listening.

Setup Flow ----> Arcam (AV40 Pre Processor) —>Schiit (Always at full Vol, so it works as Tube Buffer) —> Gustard P26 (set at 75DB constant) —> Coda CX Monos

Tubes from Tube Amp Doctor:
Psvane CV181-T-MII/2/6SN7GT made pair (

PSVANE 6SN7-SE GLOBE, (2 tubes paired) (

This is just my Pre amp Section, I use 3 Pre Amps before it goes to my Coda CX Monoblocks. The Main reason I bought these CODAs as I didnt have budget. But CODAs not not bad they run at 50W of class A before it switches to Class AB. Unfortunately, I dont have a budget to make my Lovely Revels Salon2 to sound better as CODAs didnt match my set up. I tried so many things and couldn’t change anything.

Finally I did order the Schiit Freya Plus and then Upgraded to better Tubes. As you all knew that Impedance matching in pre amp and Amps are very important. Since My CODA CX monos have 1kohm at BAL input (this is too low for any pre amp to match). You need at least 10 times compared to your output impedance of the pre amp. For e.g. if you had a pre amp of 500 ohm output, you need to have at lest 5kohm and above input impedance in your power amp.

And hence I chose Gustard P26 pre amp has 100ohms output impedance that matched with my CODA.

The Power amps with less input impedance are designed to run many speakers parallel that means they can go so low. In this case my CODAs are coupled with 36 output transistors with 150A peak current output and 900Watts at 4 ohms, 450W at 8 ohms.

Similarly the power amps with higher input impedance are designed to match with any preamps.

Finally my complicated set up (Arcam —>Schiit —> Gustard P26 —> Coda CX Monos) After adding Tube Pre amp, the sound is Wide, Open, Lush, Warm, Airy and Great Tonality and came to my preferred sound signature.