CNA Talking Point - The episode on noise pollution in HDB

For most “bassheads” and HT enthusiasts in this forum, myself included…worth taking some time to reflect.

An interesting discovery…Is it really your neighbour’s fault, could it be attributed to other factors at work here? Is it true that new estate is noisier compared to a matured estate of say 30 yrs? The way we perceive sound vs the actual sound level it generated…and the most interesting part is attributed to the way newer estates are constructed…

At the end of the day, I think living in HDB requires some level of tolerance and understanding. Some of the things we can do to ensure that we will not have any neighbours from hell are to be more empathetic towards our neighbours from the side and downstairs. Some of the things we can do include but not limited to:

  1. Keeping a moderate listening level at -25db to -15db when watching action-packed movies with thunderous bass. This is possible even though you may be listening at moderate level if you are able to keep noise floor level low.

  2. Sound-proof your listening environment, if possible though we know we can’t overdo it for various HT-related reasons.

  3. Restrict yourself to watching certain kind of genre at a specific time period of the day. For instance, if you want to watch Godzilla vs Kong, watch it during day time. If it is not possible, then make sure you listen at moderate listening level at night. If you still want to listen at high level, pls switch to a headphone instead.

  4. Stick to the 10.30pm time slot to close shop. After all, we should be preparing to go to bed at around this time. The magic number here is 10.30pm is because Police will come knocking your door if is excessive noise level emanating from your unit after this time. So don’t push your luck.

For me I self restricts myself no matter what day strictly not ht after 5pm,@ night only music listening n again strictly end my listening b4 10pm.
Bottom line on this ‘noise’ problem is u don’t wanna ppls disturbing u during your sleeping hour,do the same to others also,maintain a good relationship with neighbors,avoid any unnecessary complaints regarding ‘noise’,like this then can really enjoy your ht.


You have the same mentality as I am… :slight_smile:

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