CES 2024 - All the latest greatest TV news/release/upcoming

New 2024 TV announcements are here. Going to compile all the new tech & release announcements in this thread. Basically highlight what is new and different than the usual chip improvement and software iteration.

  1. First piece of news is LG. So finally 83’ version Oleds will have MLA(Micro Lens Array) panel this year. In case you guys didn’t know, last year’s models 83’ panels were not fitted with MLA tech, only 55’ 65’ & 77’ panels. This year though, only the G series and M series will have MLA tech panel, the more value for money C series WILL NOT, bummer :expressionless: The biggest improvement/change/tech in 2024 models will be the Gen 2 MLA panel, it’s more efficient apparently and will be more brighter, peak brightness is expected to hit closer to 2500Nits in G4 model.
    M4 is basically the G series but wireless, comes with LG’s Zero connect box.

The C4 series will be the most popular series as usual, it will be competitively priced, despite no MLA panel it will push performance battle with other OLEDs, it’s expected to be brighter, more accurate, less tint & uniformity issues.

There is also a transparent OLED display this time around, apparently not just a prototype or concept anymore. It’s the new Signature T series, transparent AND WIRELESS. It’s, for now, aimed more at the commercial & retail market though, it’s only available in 77’ size. WebOS 24 apparently has many significant improvements. Cheaper than the OLED R from previous years, but more expensive than G series.

2 - SONY

Eventhough Sony is not unveiling TVs at CES for second year running it’s still making headlines. The biggest news as far as Sony TVs 2024 is this:
The flagship KING model for Sony in 2024 will not be an QD OLED panel TV, it won’t be a MLA OLED panel either, it will be a Mini-LED panel. They are going to make the absolute best Mini-LED TV ever made. Not sure if they are dumping OLED tech altogether or just for their flagship TV alone.

They have new a brand new backlight system developed & will have it in their flagship models this year in 2024. More about that backlight system here:

The reason why Sony is banking on Mini-LED over OLED is because of future content. They think more and more content will be graded for higher peak brightness (4000 nits) given their own new mastering monitor which hits 4000Nits in 10% window & 1000Nits full field. So they reckon OLEDs will struggle to keep up with Mini LEDS in this aspect. Another reason is consumer purchase pattern, they believe more and more consumers will buy bigger displays in the future, and it will be difficult to sell bigger sized OLEDs for reasonable price margin without eating into their profits, it will be much easier to produce mini LED large screen sizes, price them reasonably and make bigger profit margins. Plus, QD OLED is not expected to go beyond 83’ anytime soon.