Calibrating OLED TV using Calman & iPhone as pattern generator

Thought of leaning more about manual calibration given my success with Calman Autocal on my LG projector. I have a 2018 Panasonic OLED TV. The 2019 OLEDs have a built in pattern generator, like the LG projector, but the 2018s do not. They do however support Autocal if you have an ip driven external pattern generator. However, pattern generators costs thousands of $ and I haven’t seen any place here that rents them. There is a cool solution by using the free MobileForge software from Portrait Displays (Calman), which runs on an iPhone or Android. But how to get it to my TV? Answer is Apple Play. So I have Meter->PC<>iPhone via Wifi<>Apple TV 3rd gen->TV

It works so far. Am measuring display with Calman now. Not sure how accurate it will be, but if I download the Calman for Panasonic, I should be able to run Autocal.

Since I don’t have Calman Panasonic yet, I’m using Calman LG to do some measurements. These are measurements on the TV in uncalibrated mode to establish a baseline as I haven’t bought the proper Calman Panasonic yet. Also, not clear how well an iPhone/Apple TV3 work as pattern generators since the professional stuff is so expensive, but some people on AVSforum seem to think ATV3 is bit perfect for SDR. In any case, the best mode on my Panasonic OLED is “THX Dark Room” and that tracked quite well

Cinema mode didn’t fare so well

Here’s a page from Calman showing how I’m hooking up the pattern generator

Completed the calibration. The workflow was a bit odd as I had added the Panasonic license to the LG license in the same Calman installation. I can now see both the Panasonic and LG devices in the drop down menus. However some areas are hardcoded and I was observing LG logos around when I am calibrating so it seems I’m not out of the LG workflow, but I am. Anyway, after about an hour or so, I have this result and the picture looks bright punchy and colors are good

Yes this is normal. My calman home behaves this way too

Bro, can mobileforge be used with calman home to calibrate tv or pj? If yes, it will be superb.

I had the impression that mobileforge was for mobile devices calibration only and does not support calman home but i could be wrong.

There is a cheap external TPG method and bit perfect called PGENERATOR. You can search it under AVS forums.

Steep technical learning curve. But it’s seems like the only affordable one around.

I’ll be experimenting with it next 2 months. Waiting for hardware and software to arrive. :slight_smile:

Yes. MobileForge works for calibrating TVs in Calman Home (look under Spectracal devices in the software), but you need a display device like an Apple TV or Fire TV connected to your phone to actually display on the TV. Also, Autocal freezes when you get a phone notification :rofl:

Apple TV MobileForge

FireTV MobileForge

I’m not sure how good these are as pattern generators, but there is specific guidance from Portrait Displays, and you can’t beat free. I haven’t calibrated HDR yet because I have to trigger my OLED into HDR mode, which may involve me putting my Vertex2 in the chain. Not even sure that would work because Portrait suggests using the HDFury Linker, which may have more features than the Vertex2.

So, I might just install MobileForge for my Firestick 4K Max. I can lock that into HDR mode so the OLED will definitely switch into HDR for the Autocal. One reason that I tried the Apple TV3 route first is someone reported this to be “bit perfect”, whereas he reported the Firestick 4K to be slightly off.

I’ve been looking at PGenerator for the last couple of years, but having bought a Pi 3 for my son for about $50, I refuse to pay $200 for a Covid price enhanced Pi 4. It should be more accurate than MobileForge, but still has the HDR injection issue needing a HDFury.

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Foodie, thanks to you bringing this up, I just managed to get a 8GB Pi 4 on element14, a Singapore website, for just $112. It’s slightly backordered to Sep 19th so delivery date is Sep 25th, but its the list price I think and much below the $200+ I see on Shopee. Looks like you and I are headed down this path of building an inexpensive Linux based Pattern Generator that generates bit perfect HDR patterns.

There are a few other pattern generators like Lightspace Connect, that work on Firestick etc, which costs USD15, but now that Pis’ can be bought for list price, this seems like the best route

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Oic. If its supported and bit perfect, then no need to go raspberry Pgen route ha.

Do u know how much is the cost of fire TV stick method?

It says android mobile phones can support it too for external tv calibration. But it’s confusing and some say not. Do u know if it supports

Wow! That’s a fantastic price! Thx for sharing. I couldn’t wait so long, so ordered from shopee

I’m not quite sure how bit perfect it is, but what triggered me was that PGen 1.3 supports HDR patterns directly and since the Calman Home supports ip control over my OLED, might as well try. Fun project too. If you have an LG OLED, can do DoVi I think

If i am not wrong, i think can do DV pre post measurements with raspberry Pgen and lightspace. The iTPG of LG do not allow pre post measurements, sadly. Hope they resolve this