Boss Level - fun action movie

Here’s another fun movie to catch. Boss Level.
Kind of flew under the radar. Stars Frank Grillo (not really familiar with this guy)… + Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Ken Jeong, Michelle Yeoh…

Some kind of Edge of Tomorrow/Groundhog Day meets John Wick :rofl:

Thanks for sharing. Never heard of this movie ever release in a theatre. I guess it is one of those “victims” of COVID-19 pandemic byproduct that goes straight to steaming platform.

You know what’s funny…I can’t even find a trailer on YouTube for this movie. :joy:

Personally I find the movie action scenes cheesy, story distracting and too repetitive and oh PQ/SQ very disappointing, so much for a budget of $45 Mil production…hmmmmmm!!!

Haven’t watch…but everything with Mel Gibson in it, I will at least have a watch. Hint: The title itself is already quite cheesy. Another one maybe Fatman.

Actually, I quite like Fatmans’ story wise. In addition the PQ and SQ are pretty good! Very watchable and entertaining enough to warrant a must see recommendation!

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Coming from you…I guess the story line is at the very least, entertaining. I will catch it later as a matinee.

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