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There is a new firmware out v1.03

Link below for the download, thanks to rock

Video on how to do it

Make sure USB stick is formatted to FAT32, extract all files to the USB stick, slot it into the USB slot “media”

Go to firmware

Successfully completed on mine

Thanks. V1.0.6 available for W2700 projector. Improvements

. Improve half screen while playing 4K HDR/HDR10 content
. Other bug fixes and stability improvement

Would this be a noise a bit like a hard disk seeking on and off…is this auto iris maybe? I heard some noises during Loki on the big screen last night and thought it was maybe my STB HDD doing some housekeeping but maybe it was the W5700?

It could be the iris noise. Maybe good to check it

Hi Guys Up date

BenQ has a new model 850i it is a replacement to the 2700 . This come with brighter 3000 ansi lumens , same RGB RGB DLP chip 4K / UHD resolution with full Glass assembly lens and will have some Apps …

Alf, the main difference in HT picture quality between the 850i and the 2700 seems to be the 4 segment color wheel vs the 6 segment color wheel on the 2700. The 4 segment color wheel allows more light through and hence the greater brightness, but at the expense of the total number of colors. The 2700 reaches 100% of Rec. 709 and 95% of DCI-P3, whereas BenQ only specs the 850i 98% of Rec. 709 and does not provide a DCI-P3 spec. I would suspect that the TK850i only reaches about 60-80% of DCI-P3. Hence, the 2700 remains the choice if you watch HDR movies in a dark room. The TK850i is better for SDR movies in a bright room.

Yah , you are right sammy base on the above guy review on the different projector and screen comparison.

This allow different options on mode of viewing rather just completely black out or bat cave .

I dont have the unit in my hands but hear say about thee specs . Usually i would like to do my own testing .

Any way the reviewer has a video on the image on the end of his review .

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