Barco LED wall display

Day in BARCO Singapore to view the LED tiles / Wall .

Ideal for Hi End homes set up , with adjustable option on Nits and colour tempreture . On service side front replacement swap . Installation does not require alot of depth and easy mechanical install.

Comes in HD or 4k and different optional size .

Thanks to Singapore team for giving me the run down of the product .


Barco is a prestigious name that sell high end display. I wonder how much it will cost to setup a 150" 16:9 panel

i remember experiencing Samsung The Wall 150in screen at Millenia walk. We weren’t even watching it, just standing around chatting with the angmo boss who is very friendly and passionate about HT.

The whole time, you could feel the heat radiating from the screen on your face… and after maybe 30mins chatting in the room, not even looking directly at the screen all the time, only realized after i left the place that i have a dull headache from the eye strain…

Not to mention acoustic consideration of a bare flat 150in surface in the front of the room, and placement of the center speaker to do such a screen size justice?

Challenging considerations all round…

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Seems like it is not ready for home use. With that kind of heat generated, unless you are in a fully air-conditioned room, it will become a sauna.

I have never look into LED for my client home install projects as back than LEDs has either too big pitch , cannot handle good colour to difficult to mount or service reliability and heat .

All the newer technologies on LEDs example the pitch size , colour , brightness adjustment , electronics and mechanical fixeture has improved .

There so many installs un shopping malls and eating food court has LEDs and all install in low level where children are able to touched them . ( Ion have it on pillars and side of walk ways / Greatworld city food court has it on pillar to top of wall and back to other pillar )

Heat issue and safety is now no longer a problem . ( public space )

Now , is how good can the panels be in resolutions and colour gamut handling . After sales service and how many years of warranty .


Yes, i noticed these displays on pillars at changi airport too. The tech is slowly but surely improving, mitigating the heat issues, improving the colour etc.

But somehow for dedicated HT, the acoustics and center speaker challenge is still a tough nut to crack. Part of that is personal… to me front wall acoustics and center speaker are kind of non negotiables…

Procella has already designed a whole series of models to use with these large screens. They are meant to be above the screen angled downwards.

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It is always the same issue , as of those front projection with standard fixed screen or motorize and those UST type will face the same center speaker positioning .
The only way will be those Acoustic Transparent screen with projector on Fixed type or Motorize tap tension .

I guess for now most it install in the main hall .
Now with those ART in digital form can always display on the LED wall so it does not have a blank black wall .