Auro CX, a new streaming audio codec from Auro 3D

Extracts from Audioholics article:

“AURO-CX enables scalable quality thanks to multiple audio waveform coding techniques, meaning that both lossy and lossless versions are included within a single bitstream, at a variety of resolutions. AURO-CX has scalable sample rates, so that a single bitstream can carry 48kHz, 96kHz, and 192kHz simultaneously. The decoder then has the option to extract the version that it needs, depending on the capabilities of the hardware on the decode end of the chain. Using just a single encode that can scale up or down at the decode end has many potential advantages, and it sounds similar (at least conceptually) to what the MQA folks have developed with their SCL6 codec. As you might expect from the company behind AURO-3D, the AURO-CX codec also has the flexibility to transmit objects embedded in the same bitstream for immersive audio.”

Source: New Scalable AURO-CX Audio Codec Demoed at CES 2024 | Audioholics

I find Auro 3D very good for music. Adds spaciousness