Audysessy One - give it a try!

hope experienced audysessy users can try this and give your opinion. I just tried and it sets my XO very low, I’m using KEF egg satellite speakers except centre is R600C. Not sure if my calibration is done correct as i’m noob.

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Looks interesting…but the x-over setting for the KEF satellite spks doesn’t seem right. How is it possible to achieve a x-over of 60hz - 40Hz like a typical bookshelf and tower spks? Seems odd.

Yes it’s odd but I do rem audyssey also set it 60, not sure if it’s due to calibration or something else.

The reason for Audyssey to give a 60Hz - 40Hz x-over for speakers can be largely explained by the placement of the speakers in your listening area. I surmise your speakers are placed near the wall or corner to cause boundary gain. This has been the greatest gripe of mine when I am using Audyssey in the past and Audyssey always gave the “wrong” x-over for my mains. The mains and the centre speaker played an important role in “harmonizing” the sound stage. If the front stage is screwed, the entire sound will be affected even though the rest of the speaker x-over seems fine. Fortunately, Audyssey do allow user to adjust the x-over in post-Audsyssey calibration.

Yes the speakers are all wall mounted except center but it’s still right up against the wall. Right side is closed to corner too

Just as I expected…just look at the x-over for spks that are near to the corner. After so many years, still the same.

Are these the KEF eggs circa 2005? I have these in my living room. Like you, I found the KEF egg center speaker to be not very clear and replaced with with a NHT

Yes they are the hts3001se. Current front L&R and left surround are the larger center speaker HTC3001 (looking for another piece for surround right, let me know if anyone wants to let go theirs). I replaced the center as I found the sound too detached from the screen and center being the most to do, it make sense to have a larger speaker for the heavy lifting. So when a r600c is available for a good price I grab it. Only after the replacement I realized the detachment is probably due to the htc3001 placed too low and not tilted up enough to my ears.
I just had a quick listen with system optimized by this audyssey one, the clarity has improved and everything sounded much better to my untrained ears. This optimization software is amazing! Highly recommended to try, takes only a minute to do!
New version 1.2 is available now

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