Atmos sound but 1080p video

Not sure if someone can enlighten me here.

If I only have tv/pj using 1080p can I still get 4K streamed with atmos support or am I stuck with 5/7.1 only?

My prepro will soon be atmos/4K ready but my tv/pj are still in the noughties.

Mostly 4k contents will come with Atmos. I read from AVS that Apple and Netflix can stream Atmos with 1080 video.

Anyone experience with Amazon Fire TV? Or Google Chromecast Ultra?

Yes. You will get Dolby Atmos as long as your Pre/Pro or AVR supports it. The only quirk (or bug) you will likely notice when say streaming a Netflix flick is that you might “see” a 5.1 Dolby Digital badge even though you are very certain that the particular flick comes with Dolby Atmos flag. So this maybe confusing for user when browsing the catalog of movies and unable to find any Dolby Atmos badge.

The most important thing if you are a Netflix user is to ensure that you are riding on the Premium 4K subscription regardless whether u have a 4K display or not because Dolby Atmos only avail in the Premium tier.

I have no experience with Amazon Fire TV but for Chromecast Ultra. You will not get Dolby Atmos. If you want Dolby Atmos pass through, you need to get the latest Google Chromecast TV or Roku Ultra 2020 which allows pass through for Dolby Atmos to be bitstream to your Pre/Pro or AVR for processing.

Thanks @desray all good info

Nvidia shield And mibox3(Android 8) also can passthru atmos.

I understand CC 2020 doesn’t support HD audio so it’s DD+ atmos

That’s is correct. For most streaming devices including the new Roku Ultra 2020, It also do Dolby Atmos using DD+ as the base core as well. Not really a surprise. Dolby Atmos is the most versatile format/container that accepts lossless HD sound mix like Dolby TrueHD (as you mentioned) to the lower tier like DD Plus for most streaming platform like Netflix (to save on bandwidth).

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