Asus Latest Wifi 6E router

Just got my hands on the latest, wifi 6E router.

A simple to understand video :point_up:

Is it necessary to have it at this stage? Not really? Is it a necessity? Not really, it’s more of a want…

I was really impressed with the simple Asus router, in terms of speed and connectivity, they are extremely good, compared to the previous routers I have used , Dlink, TP link, Linksys…. All the link link link… dunno link until where…

Asus the way to go…

Using just my normal router, my HP speeds are registering

I couldn’t get these speeds with the Linksys mesh. So very convinced with the Asus now.

Will be checking out all the features and video reviews.

If you have some special magic settings, please share to optimise it. I’ll still use QOS for media streaming

Bro, that’s the wifi speed? That’s very impressive. Does your HP support Wiif6?

Ya it does support wifi 6. But still with the Linksys router, I wasn’t anywhere close to 400gbps, 300+ thereabout, with the same HP.

The moment I change it to the Asus router, I could feel the speeds. Then my son who likes to play games on iPad, says there is no lag. Very fast , that prompted me to check the speeds and I was shocked it is quite fast. Then the rest is history… if there is any router brand to recommend, Asus is the one to get , very fast

Wifi 6E is still very new and it needs Wifi 6E compatible devices in order to take advantage of the advertised 6GHz spectrum with (160Mhz x 7 lanes). Early adopters will pay a premium price for something that cannot be achievable. Once more Wifi 6E compatible devices hit the market, then it will be a good time to buy and by then economies of scale sets in and the Wifi 6E router’s price will drop to a more reasonable one. Investing in Wifi connectivity no matter how cool the advertised theoretical speed can be can never beat a physical wired connection especially when it comes to streaming of high bitrate content like 4K/8K content.

I used to change routers almost every year believing that the latest Wifi technology can make a big difference but there are always some “intermittent stutters” experienced from time to time. Getting Wifi 6 with AC MIMO should suffice for now imo.

My 2 cents worth…

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Yes, Asus routers throughput rate is the most consistent and always register the highest in long distance, followed closely by Netgear Nighthawk series (but the price is inflated in SG market).

Wow…this speed is lightning fast! What fibre broadband plan are you using?

Using m1 1gbps plan, $39/mth. Not bad. I could actually feel the difference in speed when I changed to the Asus router, free version from M1. So I was quite impressed with Asus router actually

Then I read up and almost hit the purchase button for AX model, then I saw there is another AXE model, so that’s how I landed at the E model.

The web interface and mobile app is very good, convenient as well. So many settings though.still going through what all these means. The free Asus router, can also be used as aimesh router, so it’s pretty cool. I can move that to the room

Best performance is still wired and it’s cheap;
No need fancy cat8 or anything.

My 4yr old Netgear is still going strong;

I only use wifi for simple browsing and light streaming;
All dedicated streamers are on wired - no drops or stuttering.

But STILL convenience of wifi cannot be overstated especially for mobility devices :grimacing:

Wifi to a large extent is affected by the physical layout just like speaker placement - hahaha :rofl:


Yes wired is the best ! Consistent

All my gears for streaming are all wired, including the OLED tv in the room. The existing routers work in bridge mode.

Certain things like iPhone, iPad , tablet , laptop for school , zoom meetings , we can’t carry the wires all over the place etc still need wifi

Also for like Oppo 205, I use wireless to connect, purely for remote control purposes through its app . I took the advise of some hifi guy, to avoid the use of Ethernet cables as it introduces noise when plugged in into Oppo. I done a quick test, it was hard to tell any difference between wired and wireless, but it was there.

Wired speeds are easy to achieve 900+ Mbps, no problems on that , wifi speeds are what interest me

Everything from fb to YouTube video to Netflix etc on iPad is so fast now. There is a lot of difference using a good router apart from speed.

I’ll give the 5 stars to the Asus

Since we are on the topic of WiFi…let me just state my personal take on this. If you are using 802.11AC (WiFi 5) and experiencing poor connectivity due to blindspots, then upgrading to WiFi 6 (802.11AX) will definitely helped.

More important than a “higher” throughput rate is the “consistency” of the transmission rate.

WiFi 6 onwards utilise beamforming which will greatly enhance the connection and experience less dropouts as a result of blindspot since it can now modulate automatically between 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz. The selling point of WiFi6E is of course the 6GHz spectrum which is shorter but definitely less clutter than the more common 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz spectrum.

Oh that’s what beamforming means! Got it. I was still reading up on the settings. There are so many settings and terminology

I also came across another setting that says if signal is weaker by x amount of %, don’t connect to it… I forgot the terminology . still going through the optimisation and how to get the best settings out of it

Definitely I can feel the difference on the HP, the speeds are different, things are loading very fast, like just a blink of and eye and loaded…

In the past , it will be spinning waiting a while then load… nowadays it is very fast. That’s why I like the Asus… very good

Ps:// if changing a new router (M1) users, u must call the m1 technical department to reset ONT. then will be assigned a new IP for the new router.

The back of it

Some bass traps in the box ? Mini bass traps ? :grimacing:

Wow this router is huge ! Finally have some time to set it up today

Measure 25cm x 25cm, with the antennas its 33cm by 33cm, so antennas alone is 8cm. Pretty heavy this router.

I don’t have options to mount it on ceiling , this will sit on the audiophile rack. Just nice have enough space for it

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Wifi 6 is also able to connect to more devices so there will be fewer bottlenecks.

Auto band steering is when the device auto switches between 2.4 and 5.

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Just finished testing and setting up the existing router as AP mode/aimesh mode.

Wifi speeds are hitting 650 -750mbps speeds, Unbelievable, extremely fast for wifi

A wifi 6 router is only really of use where you have a good amount of devices that can use the wifi6 connections.

for most legacy iPads/phones/tablets/home appliances wifi6 is not going to make any difference. in my house only one iph12 max that has wifi6 so im still in the older AC setups and to be honest I cant see its worth investing in a wifi6 capability for quite some time to come.



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I am using a TP-LINK AX11000 Router…
It’s not 6e, jus a regular 6…
My hp is a OPPO Reno 5 Pro. (Wifi 6 enabled n 5g ready)
The speeds I am getting wirelessly is shown above.

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I am also using M1 fiber (1gbps) at $39 per month.

That is impressive ! The router also looks very similar to the Asus with spider :spider: like antennas

yup, both the “Spiders” are similar in size i would guess…

Ya , cheap , fast and good

Here in Singapore it’s a lot faster, it makes sense when fiber speeds are reliable and fast, with the hardware upgrades, we can actually feel the difference in speed .

In Australia and even in Malaysia , it’s really slow

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