Are you back in office or still WFH?

Just curious, with the announcement by the MMTF that 50% of the workforce can now returned to office from 18 Aug onwards…how many of you guys have return to office or are you still working from home?

For me, WFH is not in my line of work. But we do practice staggered working hours.

One group 50% in office Mon&Tues. Another group take Wed&Thu.
So, 2 days in office. And 3 (actually more like 5 :sweat_smile:) days WFH.

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Hybrid for me too. 2-3 days in the office.

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Wow shiok leh! I really never do WFH…can share whether is it better or worse. I’ve had heard good and of course bad things as well. Some of the negatives include longer working hours because you are constantly shuffling between personal and work stuff so much so that it actually affects your productivity in the long term. Unless I foresee if you children are already grown-up, this should be less of a problem for you?

Mind sharing what profession you guys are in? I’m a civil servant.

I am a Workplace Strategist, focusing on the workplace analytics.

Just google it…it gave me this:

A Workplace Strategy Consultant analyzes, plans, and designs policies relating to people and workplace , and generates new strategies that enhance performance, reduce costs, and promote efficiency.

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I’m structurally-unemployed/semi-retired. :sweat_smile:

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Same like you, except mine’s Tuesday Thursdays

I kinda like it that way, save time traveling

For durian and roni, your company going to implement this 50-50 office/WFH implementation until when? Next year?

Shiok man…Me, I’m still toiling.

The company’s working arrangement is dynamic and changes depending on the situation at the moment. Small company - so is easy to manage such changes.

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Most businesses will adopt the hybrid working model and give autonomy to the staff when they want to work in the office. The rule of thumb is 50/50 WFH and the office.

Our works involve equipment and still considered as essential service so we have to go office even during CB.

It looks like it. Don’t think we are going back to full 5 days in the office .

There is actually a nice balance heading back to office on Tuesday and Thursday’s. We can do some on site work and interaction with other dept helps. On WFH days, we get the extra 2hrs from travelling to fro office. So quite nice actually

Lol…WFH and Study From Home affects me pretty much. I am Stay At Home.

With Wife WFH and one of my daughter SFH…

  1. I cant clean the house during the day every day like usual. Has to wait till 5+
  2. I am pressured to cook lunch for 3 instead of 1, in addition to the usual cooking dinner for 4.
  3. Cannot listen to music loud cause need to keep quiet during the day.