AppleTV Apk works at last for my Sony Z9D tv!

Apple TV Apk works at last for my Sony Z9D tv!!
After installing the latest firmware update (v6.7120 24th Aug 2022) for the Sony Z9D (Year 2016 Model), i Sideloaded the AppleTV Apk from the website listed below. i used a USB Thumbdrive to install the apk directly to the tv.

Super happy now to report that it works great!! DolbyVision/DolbyAtmos all works superbly! no more pixellated or jerky playback!

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Bro, Do you felt like this after the new update? Hahaha

Hehehehe!!! Yeah man!!
But Sony will never tell user’s what is in the new firmware update…
Suck’s not knowing what are the “improvement’s”