Apple Vision Pro - Now available in Singapore!

It is definitely an impressive piece of hardware engineering…way way better than Mark Z’s Meta Quest by a far stretch!

As you can see, it’s tethered to your iPhone constantly. It still looks quite “front” heavy. Apple didn’t reveal the weight, how fast the battery will deplete (from the iPhone I assume). Also never talk about whether it is “spectacle-friendly” for 4-eyed users such as myself. These are the important things to consider but Apple conveniently or should I say, “intentionally” left out.

Available early next year…will you get one?

Ok I guess all my initial queries have been answered by our friends in HWzone.

I think its incredible. It’s its own OS and doesn’t require an iPhone, but makes using Apple stuff easy. If you look at your Mac, the display will transfer into the headset. Won’t be available until next year, but that gives developers of games and other things to produce content for it. Note that it has a high end Mac M2 processor in it. This is much much faster than any PC around so it won’t be easy for others to catch up. For a single person, this may be better than any projector.

Interesting product. For a single person - maybe can consider. But if for a family of 4 - wow, that’s going be like $20k if everyone gets one for their own use. I would consider this like a handphone - you can’t pass it around easily.

Pretty sure the sound quality will not be able to replace our full-sized 7.2.4 HT if we use it for movie watching.
And the short battery life means only short movies… :stuck_out_tongue:

The battery has a USB-C input where you can plug in another power bank or AC if you need over 2 hrs. Its meant for watching on the plane or in your car :rofl:

Might be good for dad to watch his R rated Netflix movies, while kids are around…

Anyone getting one to play? I have been reading up on the Vision Pro and followed the early adopter’s reviews. I have concluded that Apple’s “vision” for a spatial computing era is “not” here yet. It is still at its nascent stage.

While it has many quirks, imperfections and rough around the edges (iPhone and iPad also the same when it was first introduced in the mass market), I envisaged the next iteration of Vision Pro MUST have the following features. Not an exhaustive list by any means.

  • More compact external battery pack with longer battery life. The battery technology for mobile phones, esp the foldable in the last 2 years showed that it can house more power and can be light at the same time.

  • Still on battery, if it is not possible to make the battery pack compact, the battery pack should have fast wired charging to quickly top-up the “juice”.

  • Include an adjustable diopter for users wearing glasses. Some examples of such products that are already in existence include Goovlis, NReal, XReal and Rokid (I’m using now). I know, this will ruin the collaboration with Ziess Optics but hey let’s be real, if other competitors of an entertainment headset can do it, I don’t see why Apple can’t.

  • Increase field of vision (FOV). The current review indicated a narrow FOV which makes it “less” wary of your surroundings. Humans utilize peripheral vision more than you know!

  • Improve the sensitivity of the LIDAR sensors, especially for dimly-lit environments where hand tracking poses a serious issue in navigating the OS. Remember, we ONLY have our “eyes” and fingers/hands to control the Vision Pro. There is no support for hand controllers.

  • Improve the on-screen keyboard. The current on-screen keyboard which is a blown-up version of the mobile/iPad-like keyboard ain’t gonna work if this is ever going to tout as a productivity monster. Make the keyboard more ergonomic like a user handling a split-keyboard on a phone or iPad.

  • Add support for an external bluetooth mouse! This is so basic for anyone connected to a Mac OS devices (e.g. Macbook, Mac Mini). At present, only physical keyboard is supported.

  • Allow multiple desktop windows on the Mac OS devices to be displayed on the Vision Pro. Currently, only one “main” screen can be displayed on the Vision Pro.

  • Pls do away with unnecessary features like iSight where it is pretty useless and not working properly half the time (based on reviews). Hopefully, this will translate to some cost savings for consumers in the next iteration.

  • Make the device less “front heavy” and the design team need to focus on “distributing” the weight more evenly around the whole device. If the battery pack remains external, there must be some parts/components that can be “shifted” from the front to either the side or the back. The key is to “distribute the weight evenly”

  • Lastly, pls provide a USB-C data port for transferring files and images from other iOS devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad) and Mac OS. It is MISSING! Users will have to rely on Wi-Fi connectivity for surfing the net, reading/replying to emails, Facetime, gaming and working on Office docs, sheets and slides all via iCloud. Now what happens if Wi-Fi is spotty and have blind spots in your home/office etc?

More to come…

Yes, I’m crazy enough to import one

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Marvel’s animation What If…collaborated with Apple for an exlcusive to Apple Vision Pro owners. Will be checking our later tonight.

Need to sign in to my US account later to download the app to view. And yes, it is available for US consumers only.

For those waiting for their Apple Vision Pro…the Apple Store (SG) is now online. For early adopters (such as myself) no longer need to sign out and sign in to a US Apple ID to download apps now.

Since VR/AR comes out I dream of watch movies using this for a visually immersive experience, like a 100” tv in my tiny bedroom :stuck_out_tongue:

My Ziess prescription lens just arrived today.

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