Apple Airpods Max...really that good?

Is that crazy, I actually bought the most expensive headphone in 2020. Is the sound quality really that good compared to the Sony’s 1000XM4? Can it dethrone XM4 to be the best in noise-cancelling? I will give you my 2 cents worth soon.

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Look at the case of the Sony vs the pathetic looking Apple AirPods Max.

It seems as though Apple is shouting at her customers that they don’t give a damn about the case. Take it or leave it. I don’t even know what is the purpose of this after thought case design since it didn’t provide any protection apart from ensuring the AirPods Max will kick into ultra low power saving mode. I’m pretty sure Apple will release a firmware update to the AirPods Max to go into ultra power saving mode in matter of minutes very soon.

It costs similar to PS5. :cold_face:

Yeah. But if u already owned a pair of Sony XM4, then no need to spend on this AirPods Max. Preliminary assessment is AirPods Max has a wider soundstage and much much cleaner mids and lows compared to the Sony. But for $849, it’s definitely not worth it.

I bought it is because I want to try and make a comparison. I will decide which to offload in due course. Hint: I’m starting to lean towards the fruit.

Reviews are floating around that the build quality is superb. How’s the build quality compared to Sony XM4?

Build quality is outstanding…it simply blows the Sony out of the water. The case is another story altogether. It seems as though Apple make this case as an after thought, deliberately? LoL…

I guess its just a matter of time that third party case manufacturers come up with a case for the AirPods Max. Here’s one of the many more to come…Warning its not going to be cheap (US$99) as it is hand-made.

Apples Spatial Audio maybe coming to Netflix app soon…

Apple’s Spatial Audio now worked with Disney Plus. Watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is great!

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