Animations you have watched and enjoyed

Just watched this, the 3rd season in “War for Cybertron” series , KINGDOM

The Atmos , bass and soundmix was surprisingly very good.

Video is also fantastic in LLDV

Storyline is very good as well

Another nice animation movie, we have just watched and everyone loved it!

Troll hunters

It’s on Netflix. We are now watching the earlier season 1,2,3 now… kids love it … good

For now, I guess the What If… series from Marvel will be my fave animation.

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Ya looks good! Wanna watch that as well.

It’s nice how they are setting up phase 4, with Loki then now with What if

That’s one pic from one of the die hard fans, on multiverse of madness we see multiverse Spider-Men with venom taking on Kong….

Just watched “what if” yesterday, it’s very good, kinda enjoyed it…

Looking forward to Episode 2 this week

What if zombie was nice !! Loved it…

Imagine if we have a zombie Hulk… how do u stop that ??

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