And the winner of "The King of 4K TVs 2023" shootout is

Surprise surprise…it’s the Sony A95L QD Oled. Tied for 2nd place is LG’s G3 and Samsung’s S95C.

The best LCD TV is Samsung’s QN95C (Do note that the Sony X95L flagship mini-LED TV was not part of the shootout, I think because all the TVs in the shootout were 65" & the X95L is only available in the 85" size in US)

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There was a Hisense 85" UX vs Sony 85X95L side by side comparison and discussion though.
Scroll to the last section titled for the side by side comparison.

i wouldn’t be surprised that the OLED gets a “KING” throne, awarded to SONY.
but one thing that most here may not know or noticed as the shootout is kind of very long for one to sit thru(i knocked out roughly @ 0400hrs on my seat while watching the shootout), the shootout event is kind of… unfair IMO, when it was conducted in a dark room, with prominent curtain shaded windows at the back of the setup. should the setup had been erected directly in another position, with all 6 panels facing directly to the window, the so call “under light watching condition” results will be different.
next, the assessors had very close contact with the panels where the setup was not cordoned off a gap between the setup and the assessors to mimic real situation home setups where nobody will sit very close to those displays like computer/gamers desktop setups where the monitors could be as close as 30~45cm away from their eyes.

in the 4K competition, IMO, there should be inclusion of TCL’s QM8(C845 here), SONY’s X95L(where @ that time as u’ve mentioned not available in the shootout size), as well as a LG QNED95.
only then, the shootout is legit with 6 runners on track to run together and beat out one another in technological pace.

I was being sarcastic with the “surprise”, I fully expected Sony to better any TV out in 2023 in both the Oled & Mini-LED category. Maybe the Panasonic flagship OLED might have pushed the A95L…we probably have to wait for Vincent’s shootout to find that out. Also sad there isn’t a 85" shootout for all the flagship Mini-LED out there right now, hopefully Vincent makes it happen.

I don’t think this is unfair comparison, maybe it’s not exhaustive and comprehensive enough, they should probably have a bright room scenario too & mark the tvs for that too & then average the score overall or maybe can do two separate rankings “Bright room” & “Light controlled ideal viewing”, I don’t think they were sitting too close either, i think they went near to inspect at close quarters (wonder what though :smile:), but they also got a pretty good view of the comparisons from further back in a more realistic viewing distance & did their scoring.

For what it’s worth, I do think Sony is a better TV at their flagship ranges for both Oled and Mini-LED. They might not be the brightest, they might not be the darkest inkiest blacks (Mini-LED) but they most certainly give the more natural PQ at most viewing scenarios. Most insanely bright mini-LED tvs blow out brightness and details, more inkier black mini-LED Tvs crush blacks and shadow details together with it, Sony offers the perfect balance between details in bright areas + shadow details + color accuracy + control blooming as much as possible while doing the other things well. The brightest mini-LED might pop & look better in a certain specific frame/scene, the inkiest black tv might look better in certain type of dark scene…but the Sony’s usually look consistently good in pretty much every frame/scene scenario. This year the Clarity XR feature has also improved the sharpness & details of the Sony better than the competitor flagships. Everytime I see the X95L in person and play with it…I am blown away, such a shame it cost a kidney though. :smile:

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IMO the 4K Mini-LED shootout should have been a separate shootout, all the flagship’s @ 85" size. I think the Sony X95L woul have come out tops in that category. They want to compare the mini-leds to the oleds too (daft if you ask me) & hence made the decision to go with 65" as the standard for the shootout, also easier for logistics reasons i suppose. Let’s wait for Vincent’s shootout.

the 4K miniLED should have been in the other race, with 3 other contestants of same capabilities.
5000+ nits HiSense UX or TCL’s X955 should not be there to compete with the others that looses out in the “NITs” contest.

in the OLED race, PHILIPS and PANASONIC is not available in U.S. at that time, so as i think HiSense OLED with that kind of size, 77inch and above, which BoE doesn’t seems to produce for production of international export.

I don’t think the 5000 Nits will give that much advantage to the HiSense and TCL against the Sony X95L as long as they use a wide variety of scenes/frames to compare (usually they do, they use spears & munsil discs & it’s quite exhaustive). I expect the HiSense & TCL to have more pop but look oversaturated in most bright colourful frames, i expect them to have brightness in natural landscape frames but blow details in background trees/mountains/fields etc.
I do think the extra nits will easily help these 5000 nits tvs to outshine the Sony in scenes where the majority of the screen is black with one bright shiny object in the middle, like for example a black background with a shiny metal piece or gold jewellery or bright light. The Sony processing and backlight algorithm otherwise is far superior, though the competition is catching up though, in a few years time who knows.
As far as blacks and dark scenes goes…the others seem to have taken the Samsung route, crush blacks to suppress blooming as much as possible, but at the expense of shadow details and above black uniformity & gradient. While Sony doesn’t have the best blooming control (Still good if you ask me, esp when not compared side by side and not torture tested) they surely do preserve shadow details the best and probably are capable of displaying above black gradient levels way better.
It all depends of how much one is willing to pay for PQ and if the premium price of the Sony flagships are worth it. I think every year the answer to that question is becoming more and more difficult to justify in Sony’s favour, though they do have the better PQ overall.

blooming can be minimized, or lessen in my terms, thru controls of backlight and contrast as well as brightness that may not crush dark area details… it all depends on the owner’s time and effort to tune the pictures to their liking.

…this $1.6K HiSense have blooming issues but not too obvious after tuning.

Thx for posting the video bro.

Not surprised to see sony’s qd oled coming tops. +1 to @lampsy’s inputs on Sony. Sony deserves it, their overall PQ implementation and tech is really good.

But I’m surprised to see the LG G3 (MLA tech) not going close to the sony + losing out so much in color accuracy and shadow details. Looks like LG got some issues to fix on their MLA panel.

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Thanks bro.

I do think we might not notice that big of difference when watching the LG G3 tv on it’s own, i think most of these differences aren’t even noticable to consumers like us if not for the side by side comparisons & torture tests :joy:. Besides, I think the LG offers good color management system & calibration settings to calibrate the displays to very good levels.

Another win for the Sony in this aspect is the out of the box colour accuracy is apparently top notch on the A95L QD-Oleds.

For what it’s worth, I think the Sony, Philips, Panasonic, LG and Samsung flagship models are pretty close to each other, the budget so called value for money brands like TCL, Hisense, Vizio etc not so much, but they are catching up, they do offer great value for money, let’s hope they keep improving & we consumers benefit from more quality competition, also hope they standardize the models across different markets globally like the big brands do.

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It’s my dream to own a sony 77" qd oled in future. I believe the colors implementation is superb.

But the price is really out of my budget. The only way is to get used set.

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Oh yes!!! But the 77" version is not even available in our SG market, I checked with Sony, they said only the 65" model is available here and they weren’t sure if they will bring the 77" version later date.

75" LED TVs getting more budget friendly, follows by 75" miniLED coming down. with GST going up by 1% as the clock bell strikes on the 0000hrs of 1st day of 2024, demand for big sized, example 77" OLED gets shaved by other budget friendly makes widely available, leaving the savings for something else.

the only time i see the sales of 77" OLED will surge, is when local importers aka the manufacturers slash the prices to resonate to the price the tagged on U.S. market.

Yes. Hope they will offer the 77" version in future. At more affordable price. It will take at least 4-6 years I guess… Just like how the wrgb oleds took many years for price to go down.

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Yup true, hopefully prices go down. Strangely, they are not offering the 55" version of the A95L QD Oled in Singapore too, only the 65" version. Wonder why. At least the 77" i understand, it will be priced super high after import charges & what not, they won’t be able to move that many in Singapore so they have to mark it up further to not make a loss on bringing it into Singapore, but no idea why they chose to not bring the 55" version too.

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