Amazing BARCO Residential LED wall!

The future (still far away) of big 100"++ size display tech:

being a premium brand in the HT arena… such engineering will be much costly for typical high-rise apartment dwellers, even with such modular design. when 98" comes down to $6000 level in months to come, 100+" unibody makes will take place in $10k region where 98" makes now standing.
$$costs$$ speaks. if BARCO’s modular LED display wall gonna cost $30k for a 150inch setup, BoE’s modular miniLED will likely cost 40% lesser or so to draw more attentions than BARCO, where the backlighting type is still not disclosed.

Of course it’s expensive la bro :smile:, it’s a similar situation where you have $6000 projectors and you also have a $25,000 projector, and in many cases it’s within the same brand. Choice always comes down to the consumer. It’s a good thing that modular LED display is gaining ground in the residential market, it’s a matter of time before more brands take a bite at the modular route and the price will go down and also more non “premium” brands will enter the market.

I personally think a more than 100" unibody led tv is moot tbh, beyond 100inch it should be either a projector(esp with UST being super popular now) or modular LED units…and it’s for various reasons not just pricing. Panel uniformity becomes a challenge, heat dissipation & thus lifetime of leds in the panel, mounting it on the wall, having it on a stand is also a challenge beyond certain size.

LG chief recently bemoaned it’s a challenge to even manufacture anything beyond 98’’ in the factory due to the footprint of the unibody and the alterations the factory space needs to move such a big body…let alone moving these 100"++ unibodies inside houses, he wasn’t even talking about apartments/condos he said it was a challenge in landed properties too beyond 98".