AIO stereo setup with HDMI ARC input

Hi guys, hope to hear some views or recommendations for an All-In-One (just add speakers) stereo setup.

I am referring to a single chassis solution that embodies streaming capabilities + integrated amplifier plus the ability to accept HDMI eARC/ARC input (for ease of navigating smart TV content and volume adjustments).

Currently considering Naim Uniti Atom, NAD M10v2, NAD C399+MDC2 addon, Marantz 40n, CA Evo150 and Hifi Rose rs520.


Nad C389 coming soon… just need to add on MDC2 HDM-2 HDMI Module.

Nad C399 was released Mid Year 2021…
Nad C389 havent been released yet… the Class D amp’s are different too…“UCD”

Nice to ‘see’ you bro
I’m trialing the wireless speakers right now and when the SVS amp comes in, I might check it out too.

Thanks. I have just auditioned the C399 and was unimpressed. I think D amps are not my cup of tea.

So it’s Class AB for me… a choice between the Naim and Marantz… :thinking:

Yo, bro!
Wow… looking forward read your views of them.