10GBPS Network Plan

Just renewed my contract with StarHub by end may will be installation. So just incase if anyone has questions to be asked I can still share what I’ve gathered so far.

There isn’t many peripherals or devices that can support this type of bandwidth. You also need to purchase a 10Gbps NIC for your PC. A 10Gbps network switch must be pretty expensive at this point.

Instead of 10Gbps, the 5Gbps package from Starhub seems more reasonable in terms of price and value. Details here: StarHub launches first-in-the-market 5Gbps broadband plan for consumers.

Hi Desray,

Yes correct would require the right equipment to fully utilise. Some of them might just think of getting the 10gbps and it will work for everything which do not understand in-depth.

The 5gbps is using ONR (I believe will be given the nokia) while the 10gbps is using ONT for StarHub.

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I actually had a 10Gbps network for a few years, however I have reverted back to 1Gbps because of heat. The Asus 10Gbps router I had got hot enough to fry an egg and the Thunderbolt to 10Gbps external adapter I got for my Mac was also incredibly hot. I hope that at some point the equipment runs at reasonable temperatures before I try again. I have a QNAP NAS on Raid 5 with SSD cache and a 10Gbps PCI adapter connected to a MacBook Pro over Cat 6 cable in a far room. Used it for 4K video editing and processing photos.


Omg. I’m planning to stay with my Asus ax89x for the 10gbps. Any chance which model were you using?

That latest Asus should be fine. My 10Gbps switch is from 2018

What about those 2.5Gbps plans? Are they worth it?

While still waiting for my BTO to be ready in end 2026. I just gotten this, SFP+ from the AX89X to the Zyxel XGS1250-12. For my new place I’m planning to use Ubiquiti. So decided to stick with my current Asus still.

Honestly I think 1gbps is still good enough. Unless you have alot of devices connecting to the WiFi or running pretty much of servers.

I decided to get the StarHub 10gbps package because of the services I use, premier league soccer, netflix, Disney+.

Apparently the StarHub app is not locked via location like the netflix app. I’m sharing my StarHub package with my in-laws. (different location from my house) So a win win situation for me.

Actually you can subscribe to 2Gbps. One dedicated for streaming and the others for your gaming and work.

I don’t have heavy internet usage. However I often find myself downloading a full 64GB SD card from my camera (liked to the Mac via USB 3.2 SD reader) to my QNAP server. A 1Gbps line transfers around 60-70 megabytes per second, which takes about 15 minutes, whereas a 10Gbps line transfers in less than 2 minutes. That’s a difference I appreciate. The QNAP NAS has 1TB of SSD cache so the NAS HDD are no bottleneck. Also simple editing of 4K movies is much faster. Backing up the Mac or PC is also appreciably faster at 10Gbps.

Don’t think anything involving the Internet warrants 10Gbps for me so 1Gbps is enough.