Suggestion matt black paint for projector setup

hi guys,

1st time posting here after lurking here and at XP.

Recently bought the TW8300 projector from Kaydee6(excellent seller btw :-)), wanna ask any suggestion of a good matt black paint for a living room wall background , likely will be going for Elitescreen Cinegrey3d fixed screen setup.

thanks in advance

Hi Redfly,

Good to know you are going all in to setup the pj. Going matt black will definitely bring the best out of the 8300. I would even say you will get better performance than one putting a JVC laser in a white room. I am very familiar how good the 8300 is :).
I remember you told me you will be setting up the pj in the hall? Wife is ok with going matt black? I would recommend matt black from nippon paint. As long as it is matt black you are fine. I know some in the US go for the super black that absorbs 99% of light but these paint are very expensive and I do not think you need to go to this extreme.

Any good quality matt black paint will do just fine.

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Thanks man… will check out Nippon paint on the Matt black

If possible, good to have the ceiling part that is near the screen be black too😁

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i would just get “Pylox” Matt Black Spray Can’s" to spray the wall black. i believe 1 can is about $7, thereabouts?

Cannot Bro. The paint spray will be all over the place and will not be even.
Odourless wall paint will be much better.
On the other hand, I will never paint my living room black :sweat_smile:

One and a half wall think ok…

need to use masking tape n lots of newspaper… just make sure there is no fans running or breeze… it should be fine… spray dust can be easily wiped off… painting u will need lots of coat. spray paint, only need one spray coat n its done. easy peesy… hehehehe!!!