Spiderman No Way Home Trailer 2

In about 2hrs time from the time of this post, we should be seeing a new Spiderman No Way Home Trailer which will contain big surprises… Wonder whether we will get all 3 spidey in this movie will be revealed soon… I hope.

I’ve read there are actually “5 versions” of the trailers…this is probably the last we will see of Spidey in a MCU and Sony collaboration… :nerd_face:

It’s out ! Holy! it looks awesome ! Can’t wait to watch this one in the cinema… hmm…

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So all the villains from the Sony spiderverse are in this trailer 2, we can see the Green Goblin, The Lizard, Electro and Dr Ock (strange no Sandman and Venom appearance?)…of course we don’t see Tobey and Garfield (yet) in this version of the trailer. Probably Sony and Marvel still want to play the mystery game a little longer…?

I think the story line is fairly simple and obvious since it is all revealed in the dialogue between Peter and Dr Strange, even in the teaser…

“Peter’s identity as Spiderman has been revealed in the last Spidey film…he wants to erase it using the time stone. He sought Dr Strange for help, the latter helped but did not realize that there were other iterations of Spiderman in the multiverse…all converging into Tom Holland’s spidey verse…It is up to him (with guidance from Dr Strange) to help stop this multiverse of madness and “beam back” all the villains back to their “respective” verse and along the way (with or without the help of the other spidey, still unknown), we see mayhem, destruction and yada yada yada…I have a feeling that this multiverse thing will not end as we expect and we can probably expect Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness to take over from where this Spiderman No Way Home left off…just my 2 cents…”

And sand man also… 5 villains… one messy timeline… looks fun…

I also heard from bro Wech the new imax cinema in Bedok is awesome, need to check out that cinema too when this movie shows… ahhh

The kids also love Spider-Man , gonna be challenging to bring everyone there for a movie with the covid19 cases still sky high in Singapore… sigh….

Clearly I missed out the Sandman appearance after watching this in depth analysis. Expect to see Andrew and Tobey reprising their roles…if that “phantom punch” at the Lizard conspiracy is real…:laughing:

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Yea, that was cool…. Saw that one earlier

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