Should I buy a SAMSUNG P9 and VIVIDSTORM ALR screen set?

Hi everyone~I am thinking of upgrade my home theater and Samsung had just released a hometheater set in Korea which include a P9 short throw projector , a Vividstorm ALR screen and a Livart cabinet. There are already some review videos on the internet, the effects on those videos seems great , expectially the nice and clean lines with the cabinet , I think they really put a lot of efforts in it… What’s relly tinkling in my brain is they have a huge event coming in this month, but it’s still a big money to me , so I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on this , is it really wort it? or should I just go buy these products seperatly?

There is a lot of brands right now for the UST projector , each brands claims different specification the brightness and resolution type .

Critical part is what is type of specification , function , feature , quality and warranty they provide . The standards are they are Ultra short throw , laser and able to project 80" to 150 " . The bigger it is the tougher to get uniformity and clarity .

Some UST projector provided 1 year or 3 year warranty, have better lens built in for all round finish of sharpness , child friendly sensor ability and also apps for content selections .

We all knows that the UST projector combine with CLR screen material ( optical finish to re direct light towards viewer ) can do projection with indoor and light on or lights off with side curtains stray lights . All the brochure or catalog will show case the ability to a great picture and windows are all around . Litmus test is to show actual movies and not cartoons or demo clips.

In reality it is not possible , as they still require enclose area and not to strong lighting from the top and surrounding . This are still reflective technology and if you want a great solid picture you will still require to switch of all lights .

The options to pair with different screens material is available depending on type of viewing requirement , white fixed screen or Tap tension , Grey tone screen on fixed or tap tension , Acoustic Transparent on fixed of tap tension or the same CLR screen material . Each screen material with will have different resolution and colour tone result .

As i have shared before all screens will reaction to flatness differently base on location to location ( just like sound same system different location sound different ) . Warranty and repair and after sales also have to take into consideration .

Hope that helps .

Thanks a lot for your answer. Your opinion is very professional. I finally chose the vividstorm screen and VAVA projectors, which are perfect. Picture quality is high.
I really like the motorized projection screen from vivostorm.