My 2020 HT Journey

Wow nice! Where did u get the room treatments?

2022 plan…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Separate Stereo eqpt except for speakers, probably

  • Pre Amplifier with HT bypass, maybe tubes
  • Power Amp
  • CD Transport for Stereo
  • Streamer for Stereo

It’s sort of a turnkey with Tritone and their recommended ID. Panels is purchased from them but installed by JD Acoustics. Those are Vicoustics VMTs

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Very nicely done from the pics.
The ambiance lights is customizeable?
With just a single seater, how to you and wifey watch together? :rofl:

I did visit their (Tritone) showroom after a suggestion by the folks from Abs Sound.
One fella from JD Acoustics also visited my home to perform some measurement (free) and provided some recommendations on the room treatments - combination of products from Vicoustics.

While the demo was nice, I did not engage them. I was much more impressed with the Focals from Abs Sound. I would have gotten some of the room treatment items from JD, but it so happened there’s a bunch on sale in Carousell at 1/2 price.

the passion is strong :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm:
For me, I cannot wait to close my own project after 6mths planning and execution.

The lightings are Philips Hue lightstrips…so controlled by Hue app
haha…it is a single seater but can seat both of us actually with the armrest cushions removed. But so far, we have watched only 1 movies together. The ladies in my house seldom come into the room. The children had theirs in the bedroom and my wife prefer to watch on her tablet. So the room is pretty a very very private room.

I see your DIY build is better. Though the ID work is ok, there is still a fair bit of compromise that I have to made, with regards to the details and finishing.

After months of pondering, re- pondering, home trials and listening at the shops, have decided to go with a ht isolated Stereo setup. Need to switch cable at speaker side

Put in an order for Accuphase E800 integrated amp and a DG68 voicing equaliser. Streamer is Lumin D2.

I should be done for 2022.


@wcseow super congratutations bro! Happy for u cheers.
PS5 :slight_smile: