miniDSP Device Console

I have been trying out the new minidsp console software since last week .
( Just need login minidsp website check downloads )

Sharing this new Minidsp Console experience.
Once minidsp with WIDG is up,

  1. Wireless connection is immediately seamlessly.
  2. Can load BEQ ( Import button)faster better than old interface software
  3. Menu tab function and can rename Config mode
  4. Can refresh update DSU firmware

PS : What i dont like about the old software was it did encountered connection issue timed out and freeze intermittently …

There’s this nice video done share as below cheers.


Yeah it’s speedy for this version. Tried and personally likes it!

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For those whom encountered detection issue of the minidsp HD with the updated minidsp console connected to WiDG.

v0.96 / 27/09/2023

Have to flash the wiDG to fix the detection issue.

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