Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242C+ Video Processor

Their support really quite good

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very interested, only $1955 but without remote and power brick which can be obtain easily…should I?

Yes, very good price indeed. But you will definitely need the remote controller to navigate the GUI. You can order the new remote controller from Lumagen direct. Do take note that 9Ghz card can also be swapped to a 18Ghz output card if you choose to.

Would it get any benefits swapping the 9Ghz card to 18Ghz?
Can the 9Ghz handles full 4k60p bandwidth?

9gz can handle anything you need to display, no need to upgrade.

Lumagen has released another DTM-focused beta firmware.

This latest firmware performed even better than the previous beta.

Lumagen released a new beta firmware (build 012724) yesterday that takes the DTM to the next level…This is by far the BEST iteration I have seen since Jun last year when Lumagen engineer embarked on a series of improvements targeted at DTM. Words can’t describe how good the image quality is right now. For those who have a Lumagen Radiance Pro, you can download the latest firmware from Lumagen website.