Interest check: A webinar session for Home Theater community

With the covid-19 cases still on the rise and most of us will be stuck at home…all home visits will have to put on a halt…With WFH being a default work setting, I guess Zoom session is no longer something that is alien to most of us these days. I am wondering how many members will be interested to have a Zoom session where we get to meet each other via online and talk about home theater stuff…we can share our interest and knowledge at the comfort of our abode. Some of us can come up with a simple tutorial, show and tell session to spread the knowledge of doing a proper home theater setup etc…

Some programme list can be created for say a 40 min session - e.g. dealers showing off their products and tell us more about the product features etc…if member interested can commit to the purchase. This is like an online trade show to bring new products into the local scene. Other things can include how to use REW and miniDSP to create the house curve etc…

Just a wild idea…anyone interested?


I think it will be interesting.

Worth giving it a go, IMHO

Must reach a mass before it can be realised. We shall see how it goes…


Anyone here have experience hosting such a webinar before? I can only think of Zoom meeting…but Zoom meeting has restrictions for more than 1:1 virtual session. It can only last around 40 mins for each session iirc. I wonder any other platform to host such event?

Feel free to drop some ideas…

a zoom session without webinar would be easy/better. Webinar not so warm/personal as cannot see each other face. I’m sure some of us has paid zoom accounts that can share. The most basic paid account can host up to 300 pax :slight_smile:

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I see. Thanks for sharing this info. So any member here can host?

My family has a paid account. I can offer help to provide the zoom session and be the zoom IT admin :slight_smile: .

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Jitsi is an app can setup free repeatable channels for having an impromptu gathering that can remain the same link.

We use this for Friday beers gatherings now too

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MS Teams also can do it but most likely most people don’t have the app as it is more corporate.

I believe it is free for consumers for “now”…as Microsoft tries to build a base by attracting more users. Of course, the free version most likely has some limitations in terms of features.

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