Gozilla vs Kong trailer

Looks epic…

It’s here ! Looking forward to this earth shattering bass movie !

Exactly what the fans want, WB delivers

That’s is some very nice defensive weapon there by Kong against Godzilla’s atomic ray beams, to level the playing field. lotsa nice awesome video scenes , video quality looks very good on YouTube , unbelievable… so real

Check out the blacks on Kong’s fur… fuuuu

Those were the days… once upon a time

Godzilla Kong aircraft carrier fight scene is 18mins long, they take it underwater…

Lotsa wobbly ULF coming soon on this one. You won’t wanna miss the bluray for sure

Where you get this snippet of info? 18 mins long?! :astonished:

This chopper blade scene, already can feel the bass watching it on YouTube, gonna be awesome

Fighter jet Launching missile :rocket: scenes, the front heights coming to live

Quite good the audio on YouTube


Wow. Thanks.

18 mins … when the BD is released, expect noise complains by neighbours against you guys!! :rofl:

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Confirmed! Lotsa wobbly ULF is coming …

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