Closing down demo - 7.1.4 small room HT

Hello HT Enthusiasts,

Some of you who know me know I setup a diy based 7.1.4 atmos and PJ system in a small room using modest gear.

It has been a tremendous learning experience and journey, and I truly learned a lot from the advice and experience shared generously and freely by our small community.

The time has come for a new chapter - we will be moving out of this place by early April, and unfortunately my HT lab will have to close shop.

Would like to extend an open invitation to any members who would like to visit. Pay it forward and back to the community.

Room measures 2.7m wide and 3.8m long. I have a 95in AT projector screen with a JVC X5900 PJ. Avr is the denon X3600H.

Subs wise, all DIY. Dual sealed 18in midbass subs, a 15in low bass sub with PR tuning, and dual 12in sealed near field midbass. Mains I’m also the same 12in midbass with PR, and running them full range, no bass management. Anyways, long story already.

Beyond HT, room acoustics and all about subs and bass are two key areas of interest for me, and I feel that the learnings from my experimentation have really taken the the modest equipment to a surprising level of performance.

I work from home these days so feel free to reach out, I’m available most weekdays afternoon for a demo and chit chat.


What do u mean when you say “close shop”? As in literally giving up on HT at your new place?

Hi Gavin,
5th March Friday I’m on leave, can pop by in the afternoon if that works for you.

Yes and thanks to you, I went with the AT screen and centre channels flanked by the smt diffusors.

A second confirmation of AT screen at Ralfale place and No turning back after that

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No, I mean this particular combination of equipment and calibration and bedroom setting, haha.

Will move to a rental place for a year, so the setup will be TBD and basic, if any.

New place will of course have a HT, now in the early stages of planning for renovation.

Sure, 5th March afternoon ons!

Ok bro see u soon

Haha. Ok ok.

I don’t mind to pop over and sus it out either as I’m just finishing up on mine too.

@Wechnivag Pm your contact Gavin and I’ll work with your timing.

Guys, in case those who haven’t been to Gavin’s place before, his room is rather small and able to host 1 or 2 pax (max) at a time. During this phase 3 period, we still need to observe not to overcrowd within a small space. Do arrange with Gavin separately for a solo session. That will be ideal for both the host and the guest. Of course, that will be up to Gavin to decide. Just a friendly nudge.

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Small room with full fledged HT :+1: :+1:

Well after some on again off again arrangements finally made it to Gavin’s for a little look see session.

I was quite surprised by the compact setup - like a little HT cocoon hidden away. I forgot to ask to take some pics so Gavin please show us all some pics before you break it down!

I wont say too much more for those that want to get a listen, but do get it arranged fast…the packing boxes are already piling up outside the room.

Nice to know a fellow DIY’er doing some great sounding speakers too.

Will be looking forward to seeing and hearing the new setup when you get it all back together.

Thanks again Gavin, for the tour and inspiration to make tackle my own subs one day…you will miss that little sanctuary you have there in the interim I’m sure. :smile:

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+1 and I thought mine is small until I visited his place. Despite the “small” area, Gavin has dine a tremendous job in getting all his speakers and subwoofers properly calibrated. I was quite amazed at how good his system sounded. Some inspiration for those who has his doubts about setting up a home theatre in a small room.

Till this day, I’m still a firm believer that a dedicated room is the way to go. You can do what you want, whenever you want without anyone disturbing you or you disturbing your family members.


Hehe guys, thanks for the kind words. After 5 years into the build, the room is probably ’ overcooked’… In all the experimentation, some are definitely in the category of 2 steps forward, 1 step back. But definitely learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

Here’s a pic that I have handy in my phone.

Look forward to your next new Hone Theatre den.

Better take more photos before dismantle hehe

A better look at the front and ceiling

Back half of the room.

Closer look at the 3 front subs and the mains woofer /sub. Dual sealed 18 Pro midbass, 15in Dual PR low bass sub. Mains 12in dual PR midbass.

Surround back sitting on bass traps. Diffuser stacked on top, and topped with rear heights. Ceiling cloud and bass traps fronted with skyline QRD (thanks Ralf!) and polycylindrical diffuser.

View of side wall, diffusers, bass traps top and bottom…

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This is inspirational. Planning on micro ht room as well.

Just found some old measurements of the MTM mains. They are 3 way active with the 12 in PR midbass, and the most unique character about them is the cardioid loading of the mids.

On and off axis measurements - the bottom most line is measured at ~ 60 degrees off axis. Still ruler flat, except the top end above 10khz which falls off a cliff. Both Bryan and Wiz remarked on the lack of ‘air’ at the top end - this is the reason.

Textbook 1.8kHz LR4 crossover with reverse null and individual driver rolloff.

Active crossover via minidsp allows the response to be dialed in exactly. The result is very well behaved sound.

Compact cabinet with 45 deg backs so they can be tucked close to the walls. And the cardioid mids that work well in close proximity to boundaries.

Monster 12in midbass that allows me to run the mains as Large.

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Bare room liau.

Center behind AT screen, flanked by wing diffusers in the style of SMT.

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