Adding a small musical sub to a home theater

Yes, report your findings after playing with it :slight_smile:

So far, I haven’t had much time to play after getting back to Singapore with the sub, but I did simply unplug my PB12/2+ and replace it with the Micro 3000.

I tested it in Pure Direct mode and Auro3D (which uses all the Atmos speakers). Initial opinion is that a 3000 Micro is probably all the subwoofer you need for music, even in a moderate sized room, with the exception of organ music. This is my first sealed sub and I finally think I understand the sonic differences between sealed and ported subs. The 3000 Micro is very tight on bass notes, whereas the PB12/2+ lingers a micro second longer, like a decay. Its not boominess to me, but perhaps too much heft on the bass notes, such that they don’t integrate as well with the mains.

For movies with low bass, there is no comparison. The 3000 Micro doesn’t hold a candle to the PB12/2+. First, for movies you don’t need the bass to be so tight and second, the PB12/2+ has so much more output from 16-40 Hz being a huge 79kg, 1,000W and having three 2 inch ports. PB12/2+ can output 110dB at 20Hz ground plane. But the 3,000 Micro is no slouch at mid bass, tested by others at 105-110dB at frequencies above 50Hz. The snare drum in Hotel California at 60Hz comes out clearly. In fact, my room has a peak around 60Hz, so I had to use one of the 3000 Micro’s parametric equalizers to tame it. Sticks to Me by Charly Antolini (Tidal) uses multiple drums and sounds better than the PB12/2+ because of the lack of decay after drum strikes.

Am awaiting a longer subwoofer cable. The PB12/2+ is nearfield just behind me and I plan to put the 3000 Micro somewhere in front of me to move the bass closer to the mains. Between the buttkicker mini and the PB12/2+ behind me, the bass from the PB12/2+ is centered around the listening position, which is nice for movies. However for music, I would like the bass more forward, closer to the mains in pure direct mode. For movies, I expect Dirac Live/DLBC to integrate and time align the two subs. However, I haven’t even installed Dirac on my Mac yet, having bought them way back at the Black Friday sale. As I mentioned before, with Dirac/DLBC and the two subs,I am hoping to get more mid-bass slam as described by @Ronildoq by putting the 3000 Micro in front. I note that the mid-bass output of the 3000 Micro is similar to the Dali that he used. When I do that I will check with the Donnie Yen punching clip…

With a large budget, getting four large 15 inch sealed Seatons is probably the way to go, but I’m trying a much cheaper route, where you use a large ported sub nearfield for movies (with additional mid bass slam provided by a smaller sub), while getting the quickness of the sealed sub for music when the large sub is turned off


That is a very well-thought-out description of the difference between sealed and ported subs. For me, clean, tight, non-fatiguing bass is the only one that I am after. The SPL can go up to the roof effortlessly for ported subs but when it comes to music, it is a whole different story. The sealed design strikes a good balance between movies and music. If you have extra cash to splurge, go for the Perlisten DS212.

One other point, the SVS iPhone app that connects to the sub via Bluetooth is amazing. A revolutions. You can just sit at the listening position with your iPhone playing clip after clip, while adjusting all parameters of the subwoofer with an app. Can’t tell you how much better this is than crawling on the floor with a flashlight. Below is what it looks like fiddling with one of the parametric equalizers

The app is icing on the cake…good to have but NOT a feature to consider in your next purchase of a good subwoofer. All you ever need for a subwoofer is good design and well-built to last. More important than the app is the placement. If placement is “spot on”, there is no need miniDSP, just a normal Dirac Live, Audyssey or Anthem ARC will take care of the problem.

The SB 1000 is also a good choice especially since it has high level inputs ala REL
Take some time to integrate it
I agree the app is wonderful